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Do you want to discover a destination still unknown to you and offer your clients various holiday experiences all at once? is an e-learning platform dedicated to you, Travel professionals. It will allow you to get the knowledge and tools to help you create the perfect holiday package for your clients. is way more than an e-learning program : it is a genuine professional tool which will allow you to learn everything about The Bahamas and their 16 different destinations. You will also find all material to help you in your sales to The Bahamas as well as news regarding  hotels, airlines, cruise lines, DMC…

Our archipelago is not always easy to sell due to its variety of destinations but also its position that allow multiple types of combinations with countries around.

We are giving you the opportunity to train yourself and become a full Bahamas expert.



Step n°1: Become a Bahamas Ambassador

Sign up and create your account. You are now part of the Baham’Ac community and have access to the online training program to become a Bahamas Expert.
To obtain the Bahamas Ambassador status, you will need to complete the first 7 training courses (marked with a * on

Step n°2: Become a Bahamas Specialist

Keep on completing the 9 remaining training courses and you will get your Bahamas Specialist status!

Step n°3: Become a Bahamas Expert

Register all your Bahamas sales and join us on a fam trip to The Bahamas ! You will be certified Expert of The Bahamas and registered as such on our general website

The selection criteria for the fam trip will be based on the personal sales registered on your account.

Sales as from 2017 are accepted. Their validity date is not limited.
Please note that the cruise ships that depart from the United States will not be accepted due to their limited transit time (less than 24hours in The Bahamas).

The variety in the packages (island, hotels, combinations, etc.) recorded will show the quality of advice and real interest in the destination and will be accounted and valued in the final selection for the fam trip.

Once you have participated in the fam trip to The Bahamas, you will become a Bahamas Expert and will be credited as such on

Each year and whenever possible, we will reward your expertise as well as our partnership. All certified Ambassador, Specialists and Expert Travel Agents will be invited to exclusive events in Portugal.

*Training courses marked as “To go beyond” are optional and they are not mandatory to obtai the Bahamas Specialist certification. These courses are a bonus and are available to allow you to expand or deepen your knowledge of certain key activities in The Bahamas.